Cozy Meyer LMT 

Cozy views your relaxation as a collaborative partnership between you, your body and her abilities and experience. Her approach is flexible, integrated and customized to your specific needs, and situation. She meets you where you are in your life journey.

Cozy brings all her training and experience to the table when she works with you. She observes how hold yourself and move, and she listens deeply to her client’s needs. What makes her approach different than other practitioners is Cozy is open to exploring options and problem solving to get to the cause of your issue, rather than just treat your symptoms.

She fully shows up for you and does what your body and her intuition guides her to do, bringing in different modalities as required. Cozy helps your body to correct on its own, without forcing it, and will offer you suggestions to improve your specific situation.

Cozy is experienced and skilled in Ortho-Bionomy®️, all types of massage, myo-fascial release therapy, reflexology, and energy work. Pattern recognition and intuition help guide her to identify exactly what you need to relieve your physical pain, improve performance, and heal from surgery or other injuries to your body.

Whether your issue is long standing pain, trauma from physical injury, carpal tunnel (or other repetitive motion discomfort), recovery from surgery, healing scar tissue, or the stress and tension of life, Cozy has solutions that can help you.

Cozy is easy to work with, no-nonsense and professional, yet open and caring with a calming presence and a playful spirit. 

Licensed in-Arizona #Mt-22911 & Nevada #1876

Licensed in-Arizona #Mt-22911 & Nevada #1876

Arizona Location

13811 N 35th Dr. Ste F

Phoenix AZ, 85051 


Residential services also available

Nevada Location

Residential/resort services only

  available by appointment 


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